Dream League Soccer 2023 [DLS 23] Ronaldo In Al-Nassr EDITION MOD APK Download

Dream League Soccer 2023 [DLS 23] Ronaldo In Al-Nassr FC EDITION MOD APK ( Mega Menu, Unlocked Unlimited money, Unlimited Coins, Diamonds & Gems ) Download

Legend Players Now Available! 

There is a lot of news and news to tell you about the arrival of this new version of the game, but we are going to start by talking about one of the most important achievements in recent times for the DLS.

Since, before all odds, the implementation of legendary players with real appearances within the game was achieved, that is to say that now many of the greatest representatives of football history such as O'Rei Pelé, Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho, will also be available in this game. Zinedine Zidane, Casillas, Ronaldo Nazario among many others.

Added to this we have the return of classic or retired players who at some point came to exist within the game such as Iniesta, Rafa Márquez, Totti, Pirlo and a range of great icons.

In this way we will have the opportunity to find them in the market on a par with the new generation players. 

Updated teams and selections! 

Another of the most anticipated things by the community was already possible and we are talking about the updated game database.

On the one hand we will find the most recent signings that have been announced now incorporated into their respective new teams.

On the other hand, the update of the national teams is added, mainly those that participated in the World Cup, although they were also seen in a general way with their recent calls.

Let's remember that although it was not possible before, but now the way to update clubs and countries has been achieved in order to have them with their current squads and not with old players as used to happen before. 

Historical! updated skins

Following this, another of the issues that are revolutionizing the game is that for the first time the change and application of new appearances of the players has been achieved.

By this we mean that many characters who had outdated looks, be it in hairstyle, face or other characteristics, could now be adjusted a little more to how they look today.

This being one of the most important steps to be able to continue renewing this DLS, at the moment there is talk that between 50 and 100 players were adjusted and others will continue to be added in future versions. 

Bundesliga players! 

Speaking of good news as if this were not enough, what many were asking for came true.

Since now a considerable list of bundesliga players will be present, especially those players who have been standing out or being a sensation in recent seasons. 

In itself they would be about 100 added players from said league that does not appear in the game, but at least now its most important elements will be available.

The narration in Spanish arrives for the first time! 

If we talk about its gameplay and gameplay, it was a matter of time before the impressive arrival of the narrations in Spanish became possible.

And yes, this is one of the first installments in which you will be able to listen to the stories of Mariano Closs and Diego Latorre , which completely changes the way we see the game.

More news on the pitch:

•Songs from Latin American fans were incorporated to give a realistic atmosphere to how football is lived in the stadiums, not like before that seemed genetically.

•Many features were detailed so that this version is as close and similar as possible to the current DLS delivery. 

How to install DLS 23 MOD
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