Get ready to embark on an exciting journey to the top of the football world with EA SPORTS FC™ EMPIRES! With over 1,000 authentic football stars from the Premier League and Bundesliga 1, you can build your dream squad and manage a football club to become the world's most beloved football club. Compete with other players from around the world and join a guild with other players to cement your place in the world of football.

EA SPORTS FC™ EMPIRES offers a new football experience where you can control every aspect of your football club.
Build the club’s infrastructure, scout better players, manage your team, gather your guild members together and challenge guilds from around the world.

Authenticity - Play the World's game with over 1,000 authentic footballers and 38 authentic clubs from the Premier League and Bundesliga 1.

Football Club Management - Create your dream squad with world-class footballers, including Heung Min Son, Virgil Van Dijk, Enzo Fernández, and Erling Haaland. You're in control of every aspect of your club's growth and development. Manage club, including scouting and training players, team lineups and tactics, club facilities, and much more.

Immersive Match Experience - Experience the thrill of winning trophies with diverse playable options: PvE stadium competition, PvP duels, Guild competitions that offer an immersive football experience, including exciting match replays.

Social Football Competition - Compete with players from around the world to become a champion. Join forces with other players, share resources, and communicate in-game to build the world's strongest football club.

EA SPORTS FC™ EMPIRES: A New Era of Football Management

EA SPORTS FC™ is ushering in a new era of football management with the introduction of 'EMPIRES', a revolutionary mode that promises to immerse players in the multifaceted world of running a football club. Gone are the days of simply managing a team on the pitch; EMPIRES empowers players to build their own dynasty, from the ground up.

Building Your Legacy

EMPIRES goes beyond the traditional 'manager' role. Players are tasked with building an entire football empire, starting with a modest club and progressively developing it into a global powerhouse. This involves tackling every aspect of club management, from scouting and training young talents to negotiating lucrative sponsorship deals and constructing state-of-the-art facilities.

From Pitch to Boardroom

The game seamlessly blends the excitement of managing a team on the pitch with the strategic demands of running a successful business. Players can:

* Develop their stadium: From humble beginnings, players can design and expand their stadium to accommodate a growing fanbase and host international events.

* Scout and train players: Uncover hidden gems and transform them into world-class athletes through a comprehensive training system.

* Negotiate contracts: Secure lucrative deals for promising talents, as well as manage salaries and budgets to ensure financial stability.

* Build a winning team: Players can forge their own playing style, setting up tactical formations, choosing the right players for specific positions, and building a winning team culture.

A World of Opportunities

EMPIRES goes beyond the confines of a single team. Players can compete in various leagues and tournaments, climb the ranks of global football, and even engage in strategic mergers and acquisitions to expand their empire. The game presents countless ways to forge a unique path to success, making every journey a unique and compelling experience.

A New Era of Football Gaming

EA SPORTS FC™ EMPIRES is more than just a game mode; it's a comprehensive football experience that redefines the genre. By combining the thrill of the pitch with the depth of management, EMPIRES offers players unparalleled control and freedom to build their own footballing legacy. Whether you're a hardcore football fan or a casual gamer looking for a fresh challenge, EMPIRES promises to deliver an engaging and immersive experience that will redefine how we play and manage football.

Stay tuned for more information on the release date and features of EA SPORTS FC™ EMPIRES as it nears its launch. This is just the beginning of a new era in football gaming.


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